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Thursday, October 22, 2015

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Concerned Nassau County Residents Launch Local Education Effort –
‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’
‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ Emphasizes the Importance of a More Financially-sustainable County

Nassau County, Fla. – A group of Nassau County residents, who are concerned with the long-term financial sustainability of the county, today launched a local education effort, called ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County.’ Gathering in response to the unanswered Burton & Associates audit that was presented to the Nassau County Board of County Commissioners (NCBOCC) in July 2015, ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ is made up of diverse coalition members, including Robert W. Spaeth, a retired businessman and former vice president of sales, marketing and business management at CPC International, Inc., and Jimmy L. Higginbotham, former commissioner of the NCBOCC. To view ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’s’ website, as well as its full list of coalition members, please visit

“The Burton & Associates audit that was presented to our county commission and the clerk of the court, painted an undeniable picture of a looming fiscal crisis that could lead to the insolvency of the county,” said Spaeth. “If left unaddressed, this crisis will impact every county resident and property owner and will inhibit the county’s ability to pursue economic development opportunities that are vital to addressing our jobs, the housing imbalance and restoring the economic sustainability of our community.”

“We have the chance to start righting things now, which is why we started ‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County,’” said Higginbotham. “This group is focused on local education, as we set our sights on showing all Nassau County residents that the county is truly facing a fiscal crisis and provide a road map for getting the county back on its feet.”

‘Citizens for a Better Nassau County’ supports the following guiding principles in order to solve the fiscal cliff that the county is facing:
•    Smart, economic growth, private capital investment and high-wage, high-quality job creation that benefits the county as a whole;
•    A broader and more diverse property tax base to decrease the county’s dependence on residential property taxes to fund all government services;
•    Accountable, sound decision making by our county’s leaders; and
•    Key investments in the county’s infrastructure and school system to maintain and enhance the overall quality of life in Nassau County.

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