Fernandina Observer

The immediate need for courageous leadership at all levels of government is essential for our country and community to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic. “Business-as-usual” has become an elusive memory to many of us who have been affected during this challenging time. However, it appears that business-as-usual has an entirely different meaning to our Nassau County Board of County Commissioners (NCBOCC) who, on April 13, voted to proceed with a highly questionable $875,000 land purchase for an aspirational park in a remote part of West Nassau County using recreational impact fees for District 4.

The county has long admitted they have a huge park deficit, and citizens countywide are clamoring for ball fields and lighting for those fields to address this deficiency. Yet, the stated purpose of this park is boat access to the St. Mary’s River and trails. Why doesn’t the county use the park and recreation impact fees to build a regional park closer to Hilliard which has a greater need? And why did they only consider this particular 36-acre parcel that has such a high per-acre price?

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