Fernandina Beach News-Leader (January 13, 2021, Edition, Page 7A)

In November, Nassau County swore in three new commissioners to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC). These individuals will, among other things, be responsible for appointing citizens to critical committees. Now that the new year is here, we are hopeful that our new commissioners will attend to the county’s serious problems and make a concerted effort to be more fiscally savvy and business friendly. Nassau County has not had a successful time working with businesses, to say the least. Whether it’s bringing new companies to the area or helping businesses that are already in the area expand, the county has been disinterested. Unfortunately, our county has established itself as “closed for business,” and recently chased away the highly competent lead of our economic development effort. Ask any site selector or business that has tried to locate here over the last several years. 

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